Oripan Campaign: Day 1 Score

+++ DATE: 258899 / M41

+++ REF: AMR/889742/PRI




Today was our first day of the campaign to retake Oripan from the Xenos that have begun to infest this world. Indra Sena and our Force Recon units, along with the Cadian detachments, have moved to seize ground on the other side of the Rio Negro. While doing so, a Xenos creature attempted to infiltrate the camp of Indra Sena and was captured. Unfortunately, attempts to interrogate the creature failed (see attached transcript and video logs).

Meanwhile, Agni Sena and a Cadian detachment moved to secure the Rio Negro bridge. I am pleased to report that the operation was successful, with the Xenos falling back. However, I would like to note that we are still not certain why these Xenos retreated, given that they typically do not engage in such behavior.

Unfortunately, despite out resounding victory, where we inflicted heavy losses on the Xenos, we still do not control key territories and must do so as quickly as possible. Currently, the Xenos forces on this planet still have the upper hand. There are also unconfirmed reports that these Tyranid Xenos have brought with them gene stealer infected Tau units. If true, this represents a truly disturbing development. However, we fully expect we should be able to deal with any threats as they come, and that as this campaign progresses, so to will our hold on the planet.

The Emperor protects!

Lord Commander Arjun Singh, Sons of Kailash regiment


Day 1 Score:

Tyranids: 7

Imperium: 1


Campaign of Oripan: Day 1

Campaign of Oripan

First Battle of Rio Negro Bridge

Logs of Captain Bajirao Ballal of Agni Sena, Sons of Kailash Regiment


In Space, orbiting the penal world of Oripan

If only we could’ve punched through the Warp earlier. But who can ever predict the Warp? The Warp storms slowed us and by the time we fought through the Chaos fleet near Oripan, we were too late. The Xenos Tyranid Hive Fleet Cyannados and Thandros had already landed and begun their mad devouring of the planet. Lord Commander Arjun Singh and his Cadian counterpart of the Cadian Expeditionary Force had few options to take. It seems that the distress signal sent to us by the planetary governor will not be enough to save everyone. It never is most of the time.

The only sane and logical option remaining was to try to set up a staging ground where the Tyranids had not infested too much of the penal world with their Xenos filth. The fleet bombarded and cleared out a staging ground near the penal city of Atlas, one of the few isolated pockets of resistance still holding out against the hordes of Tyranids. I am told that the Lord Commander has elected to deploy 3 forces: the Agni Sena (the force under my command), a Force Recon Division, and the Indra Sena. Our Cadian brothers and sisters are deploying in a similar configuration at the staging ground.

As we prepare to embark on our campaign of Oripan, I cannot help but remark that we, the Agni Sena, have actually faced Hive Fleet Thandros before, some time ago, fighting on a world perhaps long forgotten by now. That battle ended as a decisive victory to us. Perhaps these Xenos scum are capable of remembering us, in some twisted way only known to Xenos? If they do, would they tremble in fear at the might of the Emperor pursuing them once more, or would they be infuriated and desire revenge?  In any case, it seems that Chance has brought us together once more, and once more, with the Will of the Emperor behind us, we will triumph over these Xenos scum once more.


Outside the penal city of Atlas, Day 1 of the Campaign

This morning, 3 days after we landed, I woke to find out that we have received our first orders. Agni Sena will link up with one of the Cadian forces of similar size and roll behind us to seize the Rio Negro Bridge. We will be the vanguard of the force. I’m not sure I’m excited at the prospect of being the first to move to seize the bridge, especially when there are two full strength forces of Tyranids nearby the other side. However, I am somewhat comforted by the fact that any action that takes place will be with the full support of the Cadians.

I am informed that Indra Sena will begin an amphibious landing on the banks of the other side of the Rio Negro and that the Force Recon will also be advancing to secure another location on the other side of the river. How we are managing to coordinate between two Lord Commanders boggles my mind. Last I had heard was that they are using some arcane form of Rock, Paper, Lasgun to decide critical decisions. I choose not to ask questions. I can only rejoice that we are somehow working and do my part by leading my regiment to victory against these Xenos filth.

Day 1: Noon

It seems these Xenos don’t like us moving over the bridge. Orbital spotters and aerial spotters indicate that the Xenos of the Hive Fleet Thandros are mustering and rapidly closing in on our position. They will be upon us within a matter of hours.  I have ordered Agni Sena to deploy away from the river bank and towards the center of the open ground. Not much remains, but there is enough cover for both forces’ artillery to stay out of line of fire. Not that I expect it will matter. Thandros knows only hunger, and the need to tear apart their prey with their claws. I very much doubt, much like my Cadian counterpart, that we will need to worry about being shot at. As before, I expect that the battle will come down to us killing them before they get too close. We know their tactics. And we are ready. The field affords little cover to the enemy, perfect for our guns. We will take aim and end the existence of these miserable Xenos creatures once more.

On another note, it seems that at one point, there was once a Chick Fil A just off the road from the bridge. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Dark Eldar getting high on Viagra off the shoulder of a Craftworld. Orcs snorting the motor oil of a burnt out Leman Russ. I have seen many atrocities committed on many different planets but this may be the single greatest heresy I have ever witnessed. The Chick Fil A was completely destroyed, and completely clean of all of its food. The Xenos filth consumed the glorious chicken nuggets and STOLE from us what is the most glorious thing next to the Emperor in the universe. It is said that the Emperor is kept alive by means of Chick Fil A, though I hesitate to ask how this is possible, and simply leave those questions to the Adeptus Mechanicus and their cult like ways. So what we were left with was Hormogaunts STEALING what is OUR CHICK FIL A!!!! There is no heresy that can compare. Even Lord Inquisitors have been forced to agree on this heresy. It is Chick Fil A that drives the might war machine of the Imperium, it’s Godly taste, it’s glorious burgers and nuggets! The Imperium runs on Chick Fil A! This cannot go unpunished. This heresy must be avenged and by the Emperor, we will avenge it!


Day 1:  Afternoon

The speed of our deployment has taken the Xenos by surprise. We did make use of our orbital bombardment, but what use it was is debatable. I sometimes wonder what use the bombardment is if it fails to kill anyone. But our speedy deployment gave us the upper hand as we proceeded to delete two squads of Venomthropes from existence and to massacre Hormogaunts with the might of the Punisher Gatling gun. I must note, however, that as I listened to the sweet sound of a Punisher Gatling gun roar, I am fairly certain that I also heard some sort of Jack in a Box style music…I have made a note to investigate what this mysterious sound is once the battle concludes.

I must also note that my Cadian counterpart is a fairly interesting sort in that I’ve rarely seen one with so much snark. As the Xenos were attempting to take cover, he continued to remark into the radio “DO IT!! YOU WON’T!!! I’LL BET YOU FAIL!!!” and when the Xenos failed to take cover he proceeded to remark “SEE!! WHAT’D I SAY!?”. Some amongst my regiment have begun to call him the Snark Master.

The Maharana Pratap Singh Imperial Knight has proven a most effective tool against these Xenos foes. I do believe that it can hold its own against these Xenos in melee combat, although for how long is debatable.

The Xenos seemed to have deployed a bit too far away from the Cadians for them to bring the full brunt of their firepower to bear. It seems these Xenos wanted to murder us first in revenge. However, the Cadians more than succeeded in also killing Carnifexes and Warriors as well.

This is but the beginning. I am certain that we will need to deal with more of these Xenos filth that will be extremely close to our gun line. I can see it in their eyes…these creatures remember us all right. And they desire nothing short of vengeance by tearing us limb from limb. The Emperor protects, I hope…


Day 1: After the battle

A most odd ending to our battle. The Xenos retreated. I’ve never encountered Tyranids that retreat. Perhaps there is some strategy in their hunger addled brains? In any event, perhaps I should not question it and accept that the Emperor does truly protect. Our losses were minimal at the end: a 20 man squad of conscripts (but who even counts those as losses? Conscripts exist solely to die, and in this case, to die protecting the more important assets, the tanks) and a Leman Russ Demolisher. They always go for the Demolisher. And somehow that fool managed to miss hitting the Hive Tyrant standing right in front of him with nearly all of his armament. How does a tank armed with a fucking massive gun miss a massive target 5 feet away from him? One must question where we get our recruits from. I strongly suspect our recruits are found in cereal boxes and others are former professional scarecrows. Many also only seem to know how to play this ridiculous game known as Warhammer Fantasy and think that this translates to real life warfare. Where do they invent such things I wonder? I’ve heard that the makers of the game, Games Forge, are basically ripping off the poor sods who buy their games? In any event, the Hive Tyrant somehow survived being attacked by the Demolisher and artillery. Fortunately, the battle tank Satya managed to kill the Tyrant. Those Xenos filth have extremely tough armor, unfortunately for us.

Maharana Pratap Singh charged right into a mass of Hormogaunts, crushing many of the foes beneath his feet. Sadly, he was attacked and brought down by a massed charge of Carnifaxes. However, my Techpriest tells me that we will not suffer this as a permanent loss, as they will be able to revive Singh and bring the Knight back to full operational capacity for our next battle.

The Cadian fighter ace, the Emperor bless him, killed many of the Xenos scum fairly quickly, thankfully. The Vendetta gunship has a deadly suite of lascannons, which, in the hands of a skilled pilot, can decimate even the toughest of our foes. 1 Hive Tyrant and a Carnifex were killed at his hands. The Cadians made quick work of other Warriors and assorted Xenos filth. My counterpart continued his snarky commentary throughout the battle.

After demolishing our Demolisher and destroying the Knight, the Xenos suddenly retreated. There were at least a few more monstrosities we had expected to see, but didn’t see. Perhaps they felt that the losses were unacceptable? Or perhaps revenge must wait for another day? I won’t question this. My losses were minimal, and the Cadians lost nothing at all. I will simply say that the Emperor protects, especially considering that we were at a numerical disadvantage in some ways, and that we will continue to push forward in this campaign.

I did manage to ascertain the source of the strange Jack in the Box music. Apparently the fool wired a music system to a hand crank onto the Punisher Gatling gun fire control system, thus every time he ‘cranked’ the gun, that infernal music would play at the same time. Some of the men in this regiment have the most peculiar sense of humor. I ordered the system dismantled and restored to the previous configuration by the Techpriest. The gunner in question will be punished by being put onto cleaning duty for cleaning the Xenos guts out of the track assemblies of our tanks. Hopefully that will be the end of that nonsense.

I am also informed that we will receive a replacement Demolisher at some point, and I’m hopeful that the replacement will be more skilled at the use of a Demolisher.

It would seem that we’ve had our first victory in this campaign. May the Emperor grant us many more.

Progress Update: Lambertian Render Tests and More Geometry Detail

I’ve had some time to sit down and model out the battleship project. I also decided to throw in a dome light and do some renders without any textures. Here’s some results:


I really love the lambert render, since it makes everything look so much better, even though it’s nowhere near finished. I have added tons of details to the ship but am still nowhere near finished. I’ve added side facing large cannons for taking down capital ships, energy coils on the stern, more gothic windows, and what will eventually become a hangar on the underside of the ship. I’ve also started to model in the domes on the bridge and added details to the bridge as well. There are a lot of things I’ve added, but there’s still more to go. There are parts of the ship that I feel are still too plain, where I might add some detail. Mainly, the bridge pieces will have much more modeling left, in particular of gothic style towers and domes, along with more details on the top of the bridge. There’s also cannons that I have to model for the top of the ship. I am fast approaching the point where only texturing will really push the detail to the final level that I want. It’s starting to come together slowly. I’m afraid though that I may end up starting other projects at the same time, since there are other things that I do need to do soon, so this project may end up suffering. Let’s see what happens, however.

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Progress Update: Continued Modeling Work

Mostly I’ve been modeling the past few days, and I did do a tiny update to the Episode 0 teaser video (which I’ll post a link to later). As I wrote last time, I’m attempting to model a warship similar to the Emperor class battleship from Warhammer 40k.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 5.34.31 PM.png

The above is a snapshot from a favorite artist of mine, Erasmus Brosdau, who released a Warhammer 40k CG short called the Lord Inquisitor (it’s worth looking up if you haven’t seen it). So my progress so far:

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.02.17 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.02.30 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.02.42 PM

I’m still working on modeling out the larger forms, and I’ve started on some detail work. Remember that I plan on making something very similar to an Emperor class battleship, and that while I do plan on referencing the source material a lot, this warship will ultimately be something a bit different from what the original creation is.

Mainly I’ve finished up the cannons and have duplicated them across. I’ve also added some details to the bow of the ship. I’m also starting to model in where the top side cannons will be placed. What I want to focus on next is the stern, the command module, and the engines. I need to add in the next level of detail there.

This project has been surprisingly slow moving mainly because I have to keep going back to source images and figure out what each individual detail piece is and how to fit it into my modeling. There are many different versions out there and each of them showcases different aspects. I try to stick with CG images as much as possible so that I can clearly see the detail.

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Projects Update: What I’m Working On Now

Hey all,

So since I released the teaser video, I’ve been offline. I’ve been fairly busy with all sorts of things the past few weeks, which aren’t really worth narrating here. So now that the trailer is finished, y’all are probably wondering what I’m up to now. Initially I thought that I’d continue working on some aspect of Episode 0 or the other, but I decided to take a short break for a couple of reasons. First, it’s always good to take some time off, come back, and look at a project and assets with a fresh set of eyes. Second, I just wanted to try my hand at something new. So I decided to start modeling a starship. Specifically, a battleship. This design is heavily inspired by the Emperor Class battleship from the Warhammer 40k universe.





A lot of these are pictures from the game Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. I love the intricacy and detail of these starships, so that’s why I’m going to model something like this. However, it won’t be an exact replica. My concept art looks like this:


And so far the progress I’ve made on this project is below:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 5.56.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.29.56 PM

I’m still quite a ways from finishing, and to be very honest, it’s tough to say if this project will ever see the light of day, since it’s mainly something I’m doing just for kicks. And this brings me to the third reason I’m not doing any Episode 0 work just yet: I will get a chance soon to go abroad and check out some truly amazing architecture, and before I model anything more for Episode 0, I do want to have an opportunity to see this so that I can incorporate it into my modeling work. Until then, I’ll be working on this project, mainly for kicks, more than anything else. It’s possible I may start doing a ZBrush project concurrently as well.

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