Garud Mk. 1 Progress Update

So I’ve finished a huge chunk of the base texturing. Here are the pics:


Like I’ve said in previous posts, there’s still a good chunk of texturing left on the engines, cockpit, and guns, with the most complex being the engines, but the upside is that now that these texture maps are in place with base textures finished, it’ll be easy to update the textures for these objects. I’m not sure whether I’ll base texture the rest of the model or detail texture the pieces I just base textured. Let’s see.

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Garud Mk.1: Progress Update

I’ve finished setting up the base textures and texture pipeline for the fuselage. What do I mean by texture pipeline? Mainly it means that now the fuselage textures are set up and linked in Arnold to my Substance Painter exports, so I won’t have to do the tedious process again and instead can just export any textural updates as needed.

Here are some pics:


Next I need to get my wing textures in. Even then, my UV work is far from finished. THere’s still four engines (duplicates, granted, but still, 2 engine pieces nonetheless), 2 guns 4 missiles and a bunch of smaller assorted pieces that still need to be a): UV unwrapped, which will be easier for the small pieces and guns than for the engines and b): textured, which shouldn’t be too big a deal once the unwrapping is done. Not looking forward to unwrapping, but at least the project is moving along!

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Garud Mk. 1: A Long Overdue Progress Update

So as the title implies, I realize this is a bit overdue. Really the issue is that texturing takes a while for something like this. Why, you might ask? Well, in the pictures below, see those panels? Each and every one is a separate piece. Yep. You read that right. A separate geometry object. And since I don’t want to rush through and mass apply one texture map to all of the pieces, it’s taking a considerably length time to do.

My pictures:


The reason I’m doing each piece again is that in my last update which showed the whole aircraft textured was actually just a test with a texture not designed for each piece. You may also have noticed that one piece is significantly dirtier than the rest. I’m debating if I want to use that look of a dirtier aircraft or not. I may end up removing it, or adding it everywhere. We shall see. I’d also love to hear comments on this from my followers.

You may also notice that the first piece has some pretty odd tearing going on with its texture. It needs to be redone, since the UVs are somewhat messed up. I will need to create a special map for this piece, since it’s curvature makes it a bit more difficult to project with.

The good news is that I did settle on a custom built texture that I made using Substance Designer (Allegorithmic, I love you so much) for my model. I still need to unwrap the engines and the piston exhausts, and several other pieces. Those will be a massive pain. But I’m making slow and steady progress.

Yesterday I took a bit of a break from working on this project to create a new short piece. You’ll see that posted today as well.

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Garud Mk. 1: Progress Update

My texturing woes persist! I have little idea what I should do with this texturing! Here’s some pics from today:


I’m increasingly lost, unfortunately, as to which way to approach this texturing. I’ve tried a more plastic approach, a matte approach, and a more metallic approach, but nothing seems quite right.

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Garud Mk. 1: Progress Update

Hey all,

It’s been a while, I realize. There’s a few reasons at least, I won’t get into them here too much. Last I posted, the geometry was finished. I’ve been having trouble settling on a baseline texture. Here’s some pictures of what I tested:


I’m leaning towards the last one potentially, with some tweaking with things like rust, etc. I’m not sure if this will be the final texture test, however. I’m very unsure what style to go with, whether it should be painted steel, or just plain metal, or if it should be highly specular or not, etc. There are a lot of options here. If we look at something like this P-51:

North American P-51D

Or something more like this Me-109:


Or perhaps something random entirely:


As such, I have no idea. I’d love to hear some suggestions.

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Garud Mk. 1: Finalized Geometry

Happy New Year readers!

I’m kicking off the new year with finalized geometry! I’m feeling pretty finished with this geometry. Here are the pictures:


I didn’t add much, just some fuel tanks on the wing tips, some missiles, and that’s it.

I’m going to start texturing, and even though the panels should be easy to texture but UVs have never been my strong suit and even now, there have been caveats to the “it should be easy to unwrap!”

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Garud Mk. 1 Progress Update

The geometry is nearing completion. I’m hoping that soon I can start texturing. All that’s left is the landing skids, the missile hard points, and maybe adding fuel tanks to the wing tips. Here are some pictures:


Hopefully, soon, I’ll be on to doing the textures!

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Random Art Pieces: The Hallway

My posting frequency has decreased quite a bit, I realize. There’s been a ton going on, and now I’m actually technically on vacation. I’ve gotten more time now, so I’m hoping to post a bit more. Anyhow, this is a piece I worked on for a couple of days as part of the quick pieces that I try to do. It’s nowhere near perfect, obviously, but it’s always fun to take a short break and throw together these pieces. Here’s the piece:


I’m still working primarily on the Garud Mk. 1 model, which is progressing quite nicely. I hope to design some other things as well actually. Happy Holidays everyone!

Random Art Pieces

Hey all,

So I have to admit, at times I find it tough to focus on larger pieces. So what I’m doing now is hoping to take short breaks and create roughly weekly pieces of art as a means of trying out new things and just doing simple stuff for fun that is relatively quick to do. I like to call these pieces ‘sketches’. Last week was the building/skyscraper piece. This week is also sort of architectural related and a bit on the darker side. It’s an interior, and meant to be something like a cell/dungeon. Here are some pics!


It’s not perfect. It could use more work. Really, I spent something like 4 hours or so on this scene. I had a vision in my head and figured that I could probably make this and I aimed for maximum photorealism here. It’s not quite there honestly. I figured I’d share it anyways.

Check back later for more random stuff I throw together!

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Garud Mk. 1: Progress Update

Yea I realize my posts are a little infrequent. There’s a lot of reasons for that. I won’t get into them. Let’s just say it’s annoyances. Lots of them. All at once.

Anyhow, so I’ve spent time on the engines and the panels of the wings. Here are my current clay renders!


It’s finally starting to come together! There are quite a few tidbits here and there, in particular things like details to go inside the slot I’ve modeled, adding in more panel lines, modeling in the VTOL engines, and also modeling the landing gear potentially.

I’ll try to post more frequent update.s

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