F-71 Talon: Concept Art

My comic requires quite a few assets. The next one I’m going to need is this fighter model: the F-71 Talon Multirole Combat Aircraft.

Here are the concept sketches:


Where as the Garud Mk. 1 is very rustic and old, this aircraft will be more sleek and futuristic looking. This choice is deliberate for the world of the comic. I’m taking inspiration from real world aircraft like the Horten Ho-229, the F-22 Raptor, and the Su-57. The fictional world, of course, always offers me inspiration. In particular, Wolfenstein has concept art for its variant of the Ho-229 that I am using for this particular model. Here are some pictures of these aircraft:


Stay tuned for more progress updates!

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Announcing Ghosts ’58!

Alright, so this is pretty much directly related to my work with the Garud Mk. 1 models. Ghosts ’58 is a new CG based comic series that I will be posting right here on The Explorator!


I still have some work left on the first chapter but expect something soon!

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The Garud Mk. 1: Tracing the Progress

I figured I’d make a fun slideshow post of the progress of the Garud Mk. 1 from inception to finalization. Here it is everyone!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll have some more updates out soon!

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Update on My Garud Mk. 1 Project

Alright everyone, I’ve been continuing to do some fun and interesting stuff! Here’s some pics:


So some explanations. The first two images are my attempt at creating an ocean within Maya and Arnold, without any compositing. The results aren’t particularly great, compared to the previous composite, since the aircraft look far too close to the ocean than I wanted them to be. However, this isn’t the worst thing in the world either. The improvements though are primarily with uniform lighting and no weird blue glow on the aircraft. Now if only I could get both…

But in any case, I decided that perhaps there should be some clouds in the background anyways. So yesterday I spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to get Maya and Arnold’s cloud system to work (this was a struggle, I assure you) and finally got some results in that last image. It is far from perfect, I know. But I think I could get this to work, especially with some compositing of the ocean into the areas where I currently have my own ocean shader.

I’m am getting there though! Slowly and sincerely. The goal is to have this set-up down so that my shots for the small comic I’m making will be ready. Stay tuned!

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Garud Mk. 1 and Other Progress Updates

Hey all,

So yeah, I realize that it’s been a while since I last posted. My life has been extremely hectic recently. Recently I’ve started making some headway with compositing my CG renders onto other images. The results right now are somewhat rough, but here’s a couple that I composited:


It’s been surprisingly a more straightforward process than I would have initially expected. These are, of course, very basic tests on my part. This is going to become part of a new project that I hope to launch soon, which is sort of like a comic/movie. Stay tuned!

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The Hangar: A Quick Piece and More

Hey all,

I realize I’ve been very radio silent recently. Life’s been very busy since I recently have learned that I will be moving soon. It’s an exciting time, but also a busy one. As a result, my CG work has slowed a bit. That and I’ve been deciding on next steps.

This piece is technically a short piece in that I didn’t spend as much time on this as I have for the Garud Mk. 1 or similar pieces. At the same time, however, the plan was ultimately for this to be a part of a short animation involving this and the Garud Mk. 1. There have been some technical snags, unfortunately. Currently, the image below takes about 5 hours to render at 1080p. There are definitely issues on my end, probably some sort of bad optimization and I am currently looking into how to fix it. If I can’t, however, then it calls into question how I’m going to make the animation at all and that opens a whole new can of worms. In all likelihood there is a way to fix this scene, since it’s a really simplistic scene.

Without further delay, here’s the piece:


Like I said, it’s not a super complex scene. Hopefully I can add some updates and make it less dark. Next steps will be to actually add in the fighter models into the hangar. Maybe I’ll add more details to this as well, who knows.

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I also welcome my readers critique as well.

Garud Mk. 1 Progress Update: Nearly Finished!

So as the above title implies, the Garud Mk. 1 is almost finished. The model itself that is. The environment, I’m not so sure about. I’ve made some minor changes since. Here’s some pictures:


So I’ve added some glow effects to the engines, changed up some colors, and added glass. I really like how it looks now. I may add some more details: things like scorch marks, wear and tear, maybe some more decals. Yes the missiles do need texturing, although I’m probably going to model my own missiles rather than use the place holders. There are some pieces on the underside that technically are ‘untextured’, but given how far this project has come, I may need to take a break, given how it’s come together well recently.

So you’re probably now wondering, what’s that mean for next steps? Well, truth be told, I’m not entirely sure. This project is part of a larger goal of making a short 30 second video that I have an idea for. There are at least two other things I will need to make for that to come true. The first is an airship type of asset (for which I’m still making concepts). The second is the overall environment.

There are also lots of smaller concepts that I have sitting around that I wanted to make short pieces out of, but wasn’t able to because of how much time I was dedicating to this project. So we shall see. I’m tempted to actually work on the environment next actually, since I can then do two things: put this fighter in that environment and also have the environment ready for production of the video. Let’s see.

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I also encourage you to leave your thoughts here. I love to hear critique.

Garud Mk. 1: A Progress Update with Real Glass!

So as the title implies, I’ve made some interesting changes. My friends at cgsociety.org recommended that I change the cockpit glass and also the turbine shiny metal doesn’t fit. I started with the cockpit, so I changed the cockpit glass entirely and man does it improve the look of the aircraft. I’m also experimenting with decals. Here’s some pictures:


So there are some smaller pieces left to texture, particularly in the wing engines (which you may have noticed in that last picture), and also adding more details to the flaps, maybe modeling in some landing gear, and also, I still need to figure out what I’ll change the turbine shiny metal to.

I’m also debating if I’ll change the decals, or maybe put something else in instead. I’m not entirely sure yet.

It’s really come a long ways though. I’m pretty happy with where it’s going. Almost finished soon!

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Garud Mk. 1: Finishing Another Pass

So I’ve actually finished some more of the finer details actually. Here are the pictures:


A lot of details like bolts and what not have been added. I feel it still needs more, and I have absolutely no idea what that more would be. Any thoughts, dear reader? Leave a comment below.

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Garud Mk. 1 Progress Update

Yea I realize I don’t post as frequently. I’m trying, but this week has been pretty horrendous. Long story, you’re probably not interested, and I don’t blame you.

On to more fun things! I finished my second pass on the fuselage! Here’s some pictures:


So does that mean this is going to go faster now? Well, yes and no. The wings are always quicker to do, since there’s fewer pieces and they automatically update on both sides of symmetry. The fuselage does not, since the way the pieces were created, the symmetrical pieces are not actually instances of each other. The wings, on the other hand, are.

There’s still the cockpit glass and frame as well, which while not difficult to do, are more pieces, and every piece adds on.

Then, of course, I’m probably going to need to add more to this model’s textures. It’ll require work on more weathering and individual painting. I will say I’m very surprised that I’ve had to spend as much time as I have so far on this piece.

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