Progress Update: Citadel Texture Updates

I’ve been making steady progress on the textures for this project. I’d like to think that at least. It’s a time consuming process, and I’m not entirely sure how long this texturing will take. Here are some pictures:


I’m currently sticking with the above textures. This is what I had before:texRender4August16texRender5August16

I’m still working of course, but it is a time consuming process. I haven’t even started on the UVs for the smaller pieces. Then there’s the statues….sigh, this is going to be a long time going.

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Progress Update: Texturing and UVs Oh My!

Yes, I realize it’s been a while. A combination of things made my life really busy recently, but I’m back now. So I’ve been working mainly on texturing and UVs, etc. I think I’ve managed with UVs, now I’m just trying to make pretty textures. This is the genuinely slowest part of CG, since I have to render and see how the texture looks while I work on it.

Here’s some early progress pictures:


These are of course just test renders, and not everything is textured yet, but at the moment I’m just starting out. As I said, texturing is a slow process, and it can take quite some time to build good textures. My core strength is primarily geometry, so I’m probably going to be slower with textures.

As before, I’m using Substance Designer and Substance Painter for these textures. I’ve only just started so I’m not super sure which direction I’ll go in with the texture.

I’ll be posting some more regular updates now that things have settled down a bit.

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Citadel Progress Update: The Final Geometry

Hey all,

So now I believe that the geometry is more or less finished. Here’s some pictures:finalBeforeTexturing?finalGeometry2finalGeometry3finalGeometry4finalizedGeometry

I might come back to geometry again, potentially. But for now, I think I’ll move on to texturing, and later on, sculpting sculptures for the places they need to be.

Check back again for more updates on my progress!

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The Citadel: Another Progress Update

Hey all,

The citadel is progressing nicely so far. The side towers are almost finished, with just some tiny details left. Then it’s onto the support beams. Here’s some pictures:


The next steps after this will be ZBrush statues and texturing, which will have to begin with UV unwrapping, and will lead to me crying on WordPress about how much I hate UV unwrapping.

Check back for more updates soon!

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Progress Update: The Citadel

I’ve been making pretty steady progress on the citadel now that I’ve decided how to model it. Here’s some pictures:

Now I’ve got some decisions to make for the roof. Once that’s done, the only thing left is the base, and the support beams. Stay tuned for more progress updates!

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The Citadel: Progress Update

So I’ve finally decided how I’m going to model the side towers. Here’s some concept sketches:

These sketches are extremely basic and not very detailed, but the general idea is that these towers will be very similar to the main tower with the 4 extruding pillars, but the center will be devoted to a sci-fi power generator. The beam connecting the tower to the main tower will be very Gothic in style, and I’m also considering adding in high tech power lines along the beams.

I’ve already started modeling, and here’s the initial progress pictures:


Obviously it’s nowhere near finished, but you can see the approach I have in mind. I’ll be posting more progress updates on this throughout the week, and hopefully I’ll be able to move on soon from the geometry to either the sculptures or the texturing!

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The Citadel: Progress Update (And Some Other Updates)

I realize I haven’t posted much this past week, and it’s mainly because I’ve been very busy with other things. My progress on my CG related work will probably slow down somewhat because of this, but let’s see. I have finished the main tower of the citadel, and here’s how it looks:


I may come back to the top of the main tower at some point to add in some details, but for now, I’m moving on to the remaining components. What’s left now is the side towers, and I’ve debated a bit what those side towers should be. I’m considering generators, or maybe defensive platforms, and there’s always the possibility of more Gothic style buildings. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

Now for other updates: I’m hoping to post Episode 0 either by the end of this month or early August (which will be close to whenever this project finishes).

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The Citadel: Progress Update

This is my first update in a bit. I’m unfortunately dealing with Internet issues, since I moved to a new place and now the idiots installing the Internet are telling me I have to wait for 2 weeks before I get service, I’m down to subsistence for Internet. My posts may become less frequent, unfortunately.

Anyhow, so I’ve figured out what I’m doing with the roof of the citadel. Without further ado, here’s some pictures:

The main tower is almost finished. There’s some smaller details left, but once those are finished, it’s on to the side towers. I’m still not entirely sure how the side towers will look. There are many routes I could take, such as a sci-fi generator type approach, to gun emplacements, to more Gothic-esque buildings also. I’m not entirely sure.

Here’s a progression slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Progress Update on the Citadel

Hey everybody,

I’ve been pretty much focusing on this project this 4th of July weekend. Here’s my latest progress pictures:


Right now I’m debating what to do with the top of the model. Initially I had planned on modeling something like this for the top:

Now that I’m looking at the model, I’m not entirely sure if this is what I want to model for the top of the citadel. I’m considering also creating a pointed roof, which I feel would also look very good, and perhaps even better than what I had originally planned.

The next stage is to model the side buildings, which I have decided will be generators and potentially even defensive platforms. I just need to decide on the artistic style for those side pieces. That may require some more concept art. I will model the generators at the same level of detail as the citadel piece. After that, there are the statues that need to be added to multiple places on the citadel. I am thinking of using the following as inspiration for my ZBrush sculpts:




I will have to make some basic concept art sketches for these as well, even though my sketching skills for any sort of organic lifeforms are pretty limited.

I will post more updates tomorrow! Make sure to check back here!

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The Citadel: Progress Update

Well, I’m making some more progress, now that I’ve got some more idea of the direction I want to take for some aspects. Here’s the latest picture:


I’ve started work on finishing the central tower. It’s now down to modeling the top of the tower and adding in the windows near the bottom. The next part of the geometry is going to the be the side towers. I’ve decided that these will house generators for the portal system, and potentially some sort of defensive systems. These towers will probably end up as ornate as the central tower, but since they are a): smaller and b): serving one specific function, the geometry shouldn’t take too long, especially since I’ve already figured out much of the style already in the central tower.

Here’s some more pictures from the past few days:


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