3D Printed Owl


A 3D printed owl, created from the ZBrush sculpt: Continue reading


Episode 0: Progress Update on the Garud Mk. 1 Fighter


This gallery contains 8 photos.

Hey all, So I’ve dedicated myself completely to Episode 0’s assets. I decided to redo the Garud Mk. 1 Fighter, as the original version had some issues with the topology. Here’s some pictures of the in progress model:   The … Continue reading

The Garud Mk. 1 Multirole Combat Aircraft (MCA)


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Hey everybody! These are some closer pictures of the Garud Mk. Multirole Combat Aircraft  (MCA), a fighter which while fairly advanced in technology, was originally designed and built by the Surya Empire during the Great War. Although it’s very robust, … Continue reading