Announcing Ghosts ’58!

Alright, so this is pretty much directly related to my work with the Garud Mk. 1 models. Ghosts ’58 is a new CG based comic series that I will be posting right here on The Explorator!


I still have some work left on the first chapter but expect something soon!

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Random Art Pieces: The Entombed Courtyard

Hey all,

So as I said in my other post on the Garud Mk. 1, I needed a break, so I decided to make this piece.

The first attempt:


The second attempt with errors:


The corrected second attempt:


The third version (one of the finals) with increased lighting:


Lowered lighting of the third:


This final version: uses lighting in between the preceding two


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I’d love to hear feedback as well!

Random Art Pieces: The Hallway

My posting frequency has decreased quite a bit, I realize. There’s been a ton going on, and now I’m actually technically on vacation. I’ve gotten more time now, so I’m hoping to post a bit more. Anyhow, this is a piece I worked on for a couple of days as part of the quick pieces that I try to do. It’s nowhere near perfect, obviously, but it’s always fun to take a short break and throw together these pieces. Here’s the piece:


I’m still working primarily on the Garud Mk. 1 model, which is progressing quite nicely. I hope to design some other things as well actually. Happy Holidays everyone!

Random Art Pieces

Hey all,

So I have to admit, at times I find it tough to focus on larger pieces. So what I’m doing now is hoping to take short breaks and create roughly weekly pieces of art as a means of trying out new things and just doing simple stuff for fun that is relatively quick to do. I like to call these pieces ‘sketches’. Last week was the building/skyscraper piece. This week is also sort of architectural related and a bit on the darker side. It’s an interior, and meant to be something like a cell/dungeon. Here are some pics!


It’s not perfect. It could use more work. Really, I spent something like 4 hours or so on this scene. I had a vision in my head and figured that I could probably make this and I aimed for maximum photorealism here. It’s not quite there honestly. I figured I’d share it anyways.

Check back later for more random stuff I throw together!

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Thanksgiving Update!

Hey all,

First and foremost, to my US based readers, happy Thanksgiving! It’s finally getting into the holiday season! I’m pretty pumped and looking forward to some off time!

I realize that I haven’t written at all recently, and honestly, there haven’t been too many updates to give. I’m still modeling the Garud Mk. 1 fighter, and I will post some screenshots soon, but progress has been relatively slow on this project. I’m also writing a ton these days, and I’m actually thinking of maybe sending my manuscript for publishing. I’m also considering making a small game, using the Unity engine. In short, there’s a ton going on, a lot of it has to do with what I want to focus on, and as a result, my blogging has lagged a bit.

But today is Thanksgiving, and I had some off time, unfortunately not near my main computer, but I messed around a bit with some textures to make some basic stuff! Check it out!





I’m pretty proud of the last one actually. This was mainly a test/exercise for texturing and modeling and just playing around in general. I’ll post some updates on the fighter project soon!

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The Citadel: Tweaking the Lights and Textures

So like I said, there was a chance I’d come back to the renders of the citadel project, and I have. By and large not much has changed. I got some critique recently that said the scene is far too dark, so I decided to lighten the scene up a bit. I’ve also changed exactly one texture, and I’m curious to see if people see and like the change. Here are the pictures:


There’s a good chance the sculptures won’t be coming for a bit, since I do want to take a bit of a break from this project and do something different. We’ll see though.

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