Progress Update on the Citadel

Hey everybody,

I’ve been pretty much focusing on this project this 4th of July weekend. Here’s my latest progress pictures:


Right now I’m debating what to do with the top of the model. Initially I had planned on modeling something like this for the top:

Now that I’m looking at the model, I’m not entirely sure if this is what I want to model for the top of the citadel. I’m considering also creating a pointed roof, which I feel would also look very good, and perhaps even better than what I had originally planned.

The next stage is to model the side buildings, which I have decided will be generators and potentially even defensive platforms. I just need to decide on the artistic style for those side pieces. That may require some more concept art. I will model the generators at the same level of detail as the citadel piece. After that, there are the statues that need to be added to multiple places on the citadel. I am thinking of using the following as inspiration for my ZBrush sculpts:




I will have to make some basic concept art sketches for these as well, even though my sketching skills for any sort of organic lifeforms are pretty limited.

I will post more updates tomorrow! Make sure to check back here!

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