The Citadel: Progress Update

Progress has been a bit slow recently, mainly because I’ve had some decisions to make on how best to proceed. Here’s the latest progress pictures:


You might be wondering at this point (and maybe even earlier) why are there giant spaces in this building? Maybe you weren’t wondering that, but I want to elaborate anyways since it’s going to be a part of the finished model. Those spaces will contain statues, similar to the ones one might find in a cathedral, that I will sculpt in ZBrush. I wasn’t super sure what the space in the central part of the building should contain, and I ultimately decided to put one giant statue, followed by pillars to the top portion of the building.

Another issue I saw (and I’m curious if anyone else agrees) is that the tower standing on its own seems a bit odd. I’ve been wondering how best to rectify this issue, and this test image should give you an idea of what I had in mind:


Now obviously it’s not anything near finished, but it’s a generic idea. The four smaller towers would follow a similar style, but also would serve various functions for the main tower.

It’s getting closer to finished geometry, minus the statues, so hopefully soon this will be a finished project.

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