Progress Update on the Citadel

Now that the ZBrush owl sculpt is finished, I’ve been solely focused on the citadel and other assets for the Mahayudh chronicles. Progress has been relatively slow, however, since there are many aspects of this project I’m still somewhat unsure of. Here’s what I’ve modeled so far:


I’ve blocked in a lot of the larger forms, and have started adding in some details. Some of the pieces, like sculptures, etc., will probably need to be sculpted in ZBrush, since using Maya for everything is probably a terrible idea, especially since I have access to ZBrush. I haven’t made a ton of progress, mainly because I’m not entirely sure what should be texture and what should be actual geometry. Currently, I’m leaning towards as much geometry as possible, since in many cases, geometry renders better than textures. This isn’t always the case, but it does happen many times. I will post more updates about this project as I model.

Here’s the original concepts, in case you missed them:


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