Progress Update: Owls and Concept Art

If you remember my last post, I mentioned that I’m working on tons of different things right now. One of those things is a ZBrush sculpt of an owl that I hope to 3d print. Here’s my reference images:

The owl isn’t a particularly complex creature: most of its complexity and realism is in its feathers/fur. It is certainly simpler than a human being, and far simpler than the Naga I sculpted (which, for those who do not know, is a hybrid snake human creature from Hindu mythology). So here’s my progress so far on the owl:

Obviously this isn’t finished yet, but I am very surprised by how quickly this project is progressing. I did not expect the owl sculpt to get to even this point so quickly. As I mentioned earlier, much of the details for the owl are in its fur/feather, which I can sculpt out, but would not be 3d printable, do to the sheer fidelity attributed to it. I will look into techniques to add more detail of something that’s fur like without getting too complicated. I may sculpt out his talons also, so we’ll see. I’m also considering ways of adding more character to our owl friend here.

What else is going on? I’ve been developing concept sketches for a citadel model (for Episode 0 of the Mahayudh Chronicles),inspired by these locales:

And here are my concept sketches:

Basically, it’s a giant, Gothic style tower with a portal beam coming out of the top that opens up a portal above it. It’s surrounded by a large circular wall. Inside the wall are four bridges and a giant abyss that goes into…you’ll find out soon enough!

I’ve started modeling the citadel as well, so I’ll post progress updates with pictures of it as well!

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