Update: What Am I Doing and My Plans

So it’s been some time since I last posted, mainly because I’ve been abroad. As I mentioned earlier, this is the reason that I haven’t been working on models for the Mahayudh Chronicles. The major reason is that I wanted to incorporate some of what I’d see here into my work. So therefore, expect things like this to become part of my modeling:

What you’re looking at is pictures of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, la catedral de Barcelona, and la catedral de Granada (in no particular order). As you know, I’ve modeled one cathedral before (la catedral de Segovia), but in this case, I will be incorporating many of the architectural styles seen here into my own models, so they’ll be different, but with a  distinct inspiration.

Now this doesn’t mean that I will be abandoning the Emperor Class project. I will continue to work on it. The Emperor Class style warship has some more details left to model in. The top of the bridge, the central command window, and some more top side cannons still need to be modeled. There’s also details underneath the broadside cannons that need to be added, along with another layer in general of different pieces here and there to add in. It’s not a ton of geometry left. Thing is that I am fast approaching the limits of what geometry can add to this model. Ultimately I have to move on to texturing, so the next part will be UV unwrapping (sigh) and texturing, probably using Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

Finally, I will also begin a new ZBrush sculpt of an owl. This project is ultimately something that I will 3d print as a gift for someone. Nonetheless, it will also be a part of my CG work coming up.

As for what to expect here on The Explorator, there’s going to be progress updates for everything I’ve just posted, along with a new serialized fiction story coming soon as well. This new story will not make use of any visuals in its initial run. Perhaps after it’s finished, I may make some CGI for it in terms of single images just for fun.

There’s loads to expect and a ton to keep me busy, so stay tuned!

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