Projects and Progress: What I’m Doing Next and Now

So ever since I got the teaser made, I’ve taken a bit of a short break. It’s a bit of a busy time for me right now, for various reasons. But I’m finding a little bit of time to keep doing this fun stuff. Currently the plan is to keep doing things related to Episode 0. Currently I’m rethinking what engine I want to use for rendering. I’ve been using Unity for the past two teasers I’ve made, but let’s be honest, game engines can only achieve so much without some serious contusions on my part. To be fair, it’s more of a question of spending time baking things and trying out different things. In any case, I was curious how tough it would be to take my stuff from Substance Painter and put it into the Arnold rendering engine by Solid Works, now included with Maya 2017. The answer is that it isn’t particularly tough, but it does require some gamma correction trickery to work correctly. This post was really helpful in doing the work to convert to Arnold.

Here are the results I got from rendering my Garud Mk. 1 fighter in Arnold, with a very basic light setup:

Arnold does, as expected, improve a lot on the results. It also becomes a lot clearer where I need to work more. The camo material, for example, could use some touching up. There’s also some geometry aspects I’m considering redoing, such as integrating the wings to the fuselage, adding in working ailerons, adding in integration for the cockpit to the fuselage, and adding in integration for the guns to the fuselage. It’s tough to say whether I’ll do that now or later, as there will be things that may have to be redone then on the fuselage. It’s safe to say that I’ll be taking some time off from this particular model.

So what does that mean I’m working on next? I’m a little unsure, but there is a potential for me to work on the throne room for the Usurper, working off of my concept art here:


Or I may go back and work on the citadel instead:


So we shall see. Right now my goal is to push the level of detail, get closer to photoreal, etc.


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