Daily Progress: Finishing Up the Garud Mk. 1

Today I made tons of progress! I’ve reached a point today where I can start to say that the Garud Mk. 1 is finished. There’s a good chance I’ll come back and change some details hear and there, maybe add some more wear or something, but for the most part, the aircraft has gotten to a point where I can comfortably come back to it later and now move on to other aspects of Episode 0.

So what changes did I make? I started off with adding some minor details to the VTOL engines. In particular I added soot onto the vents of the VTOL engines:

The effect I hope to achieve is one of heavily used exhaust vents that are now covered in soot from years of heavy usage. It’s also a good way to add depth to the overall model.

Other changes I made were texturing the rear wings, the guns, and the cockpit. Let’s start with the guns.

Here’s what it looked like before texturing:

And here’s what it looks like now:

I textured the gun assembly and added panel lines, rivets, and danger decals all on top of a base material of steel. The gun barrels are a base material of gun metal with some soot at the top to add to the worn appearance.

I textured the cockpit as well. The cockpit actually has new geometry. I added some metal reinforcement to the edges of the canopy, giving it a bit of an older appearance. The texturing technique is fairly similar to the gun assembly: it’s steel with rivets on top.

Finally, I textured the rear wings. These wings were tricky because of how terrible the UVs were. I had to separate the vertical and horizontal portions, then manually map out the vertical portion in order to get a good layout. The texturing is more or less the same pattern as the wings. Here’s the final results:

There’s a possibility I’ll come back to the engines and add some soot to them as well. For the time being, I’m going to move on to other aspects of Episode 0, as I do want some time away from the texturing of these fairly complex aircraft.

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