Concept Art for Episode 0

Hey all,

I’m devoting quite a bit of time to Mahayudh Chronicles now, especially Episode o. While I will be modeling the Naga, I am also currently working on modeling out the chief villain, the Usurper. The Usurper originally took power in the Vereinte Königreich,  before the events of Episode 0. His fascist reign of terror results in the Great War, that ulimtaltely leads to the Alliance of Free States liberating the Königreich, after millions of lives lost to brutal, mass scale warfare, and forcing the Usurper to retreat into the Narkha Sectors, a part of Aryavarta that is largely unexplored due to the fact that no one has returned alive from them. 

Here’s my concept so far. I’m not amazing at sketching. This is more for me to get an idea of the general shape of the armor. I hope to have the modeling finished soon. Check back soon for more updates!


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