The Mahavir Mech: An Examination of History, Culture, and Technology (Part 3)

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The Kali Sena (Legion of Kali) is perhaps one of the most famous (if not the most famous) Mahavir Sena. The Kali Sena, much like the Vayuputra Sena, is also dedicated to a particular deity, although the Kali Sena is devoted to Goddess Kali. Kali, the destroyer of evil, is most known for her ferocity and mercilessness towards enemies. The Mahavir mechs of the Kali Sena are always painted uniformly black, save for 3 white lines on the forehead and red armor plates. The Kali Sena is also known for being merciless in combat. The Kali Sena is the only Mahavir Sena to be founded by a Kshatriya Senic (Kshatriya Corps soldier), who was also from the Kali Sena of the Kshatriya Corps. It is the only Mahavir Sena to share its namesake with a Sena in the Kshatriya Corps. The Kali Sena functions almost identically to Vayuputra. The two are often dubbed as ‘the twin legions’ for this reason. Kali Sena is also known for its battle cry “Jai Kali Ma” among other devotions to Goddess Kali.

The Spartan Legion, established by an Imperial Army soldier who hailed from the Imperial province of Sparta, is another of the more well known Mahavir Sena. The Spartan Legion is most well known for the usage of the Hoplite variant of the Mahavir and for using updated Spartan phalanx tactics on the field of war. The Hoplite variant of the Mahavir is equipped with a large full-body shield, capable of withstanding the impact of the most powerful munitions. It is also equipped with either a one handed mini-gun or one of the many general purpose one handed assault cannon rifles, depending on the role the phalanx is assigned. The Hoplite variant also mounts CIWS on its back. Occasionally, the CIWS mounts are exchanged for recon drone launch systems, although this is extremely rare. The Hoplite variant is also equipped with a plasma spear for close combat. The plasma spear is capable of discharging weaponized plasma in many different forms depending on the kind of attack the Hoplite is making. The Spartan Legion, much like Somrajic Sena, does not have much diversity in equip load outs mainly because of the way the phalanx formation works. The formation involves Hoplite mechs stationed close to one another in order to form an unbroken line of shields. Hoplites fire and attack as a group. This formation has been used defensively and offensively. In many cases, other units of the Imperial Army advance behind the protective line of Hoplites.

The Knights of Punjab is another well known Mahavir Sena, established by Imperial Army Captain Indirjeet Singh. One of the relatively recently founded legions, the Knights of Punjab are based in the Imperial province of Punjab (naturally) and are most well known for outfitting their Mahavir mechs for close combat roles. However, this is more of a myth rather than a fact. The Knights of Punjab have many smaller sena, each composed of about 9 mechs, that are each assigned a specific combat role, such as assault, jump infantry, close combat, long range, scout recon, anti-infantry, anti-armor, or support. They are perhaps most famous for their intense martial traditions and ferocity in combat.

The Indra Sena is one of the less well known Mahavir Sena. It is not precisely known who founded the sena, but many suspect that it was founded by an ex Aurelian mercenary. The legion is dedicated to God, Indra and also makes heavy use of plasma based weaponry. The legion specializes in multirole, jack-of-all trades combat. Indra Sena, being a newer legion, equips their mechs with plasma based weaponry and organizes the mechs in an identical manner to that of the Knights of Punjab.

The Agni Sena is another of the lesser known Mahavir Sena. They primarily specialize in the use of pyrotechnics in warfare. In particular, they specialize in besieging entrenched positions by means of incendiary and flame weapons. Much like other deity devoted legions, the Agni Sena is also devoted to the God of Fire, Agni. The Agni Sena follows a equipment configuration and organizational structure identical to the Somrajic Sena.

Death’s Angels is also a lesser known Mahavir Sena, founded by Sylvanian (from the Imperial province of Sylvania) military strategist, Jason Stephanopoulos. It is also one of the most recently founded legions, founded in 2990. Death’s Angels primarily specializes in speedy hit and run tactics. All of the equipment of a Death’s Angel Mahavir are focused on speed and mobility. Generally, these mechs are equipped with more rocket jump jets and even small wings for better speed, mobility, and control. These Mahavirs rely solely on small, light weapons such as SMG class cannon rifles and swords. The legion uses a structure identical to that of the Somrajic Sena, with standardized equipment across squads.

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